A new face at the Chamber

Johnston County, consider with me all that we have to offer here. Even without the coming and going of celebrity-status entrepreneurs, we have a bounty of interesting locales and creative industry. From the rich history of the Chickasaw Nation, the beautiful, historic museums and brand new community centers, the natural wonders of Pennington Creek, Blue River, and the National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most unique mascots in the state (Bullfrogs), the many jobs created by the sand and rock quarries in the area, the boutiques, restaurants, spas, and services offered – we have a lot to be proud of. These are all of the things I think of stepping into the position of administrative assistant to the Chamber.

I have always loved this area. Spending high school growing up in Mill Creek, I learned that nothing replaces the kindness of neighbors and there’s no place like home. I have to give recognition to my parents, Ginny McCarthick and Keagan Varner for encouraging me to step into leadership positions with the County 4-H. This is how I truly started to learn the meaning of community involvement and service. Choosing Murray State College to further my education was the best decision I have ever made, and I say that with absolute sincerity. This community is incredibly lucky to have such a great learning atmosphere in its midst. There is not a soul on that campus that isn’t willing to lend a helping hand and I will always be an advocate for the Aggie family and community college education.

Many of the Main Street business owners will recognize my face from seeing me walking up and down the street passing out flyers for the events being held at The Ladysmith’s Platinum Ballroom. Maybe others will recognize me from my time in 4-H. Whether you know me yet or not, I would encourage you to come for a visit at the Chamber office in the Chickasaw Nation Information Center on Main. The door is always open, my time is yours.

So, here I am, getting married in October, finishing up my last semester of college at SEOSU, and I am incredibly honored to be here, ready to chat with you. Ready to make the Chamber what is was meant to be. Ready to spend time with you figuring out how we can make this community better, how we can make your business more marketable. Ready to make a membership worthwhile.

If you haven’t already, go like the ‘Real Johnston County Chamber of Commerce’ Facebook page and stay up to date on what we and our membership are up to. I invite you to join us, the best is yet to come.

‘And that’s all I have to say about that.’ – Jordyn Naugle

“Always be able to look back and say, at least I didn’t lead no humdrum life.” – Forrest Gump