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Become a Member! Every member who joins The Johnston County Chamber of Commerce has their own personal reasons - some join to support our efforts to make Johnston County the very best business climate we possibly can, others for network/business development, and then there are those who want to serve the community through our committees. The fact is, there are a variety of benefits and incentives that come along with a Johnston County Chamber of Commerce Membership.

A preeminent reason businesses join is credibility. Research has shown that consumers prefer to work with businesses that are Chamber-members. Why? Because there is a trust factor that surrounds businesses active in community affairs, and the Chamber association adds an extra layer of credibility. The Schapiro Group, a respected national research firm, conducted a study detailing these compelling results:

  • 63% of consumers were more likely to buy goods and services from a company they believe is a Chamber of Commerce member.
  • 51% of consumers were more aware of a business based on its membership with the Chamber
  •  57% of consumers were more likely to think positively of a business's local reputation
    …all because those consumers were told that the business is a local Chamber member.   Joining the Chamber means coming together with businesses, organizations and individuals who truly believe in working together for the business interests in the county. Working towards the same goal of economic health will make us stronger as we support existing businesses and develop and encourage a climate where new businesses can flourish.

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