Ag Booster Club vital to developing leaders – Published in the June 7-13 edition of the JC Sentinel

This week’s Member Spotlight is on the Tishomingo Ag Booster Club! This organization was formed by parents and local agriculture supporters about five years ago. They saw a need in Tishomingo and wanted to ‘boost’ the kind of program that enhances leadership skills and teaches students responsibility. Mike Vandevier, an officer of the organization and owner of Southern Select Feeds said, “It’s a great thing to see these kids grow up, learn to be responsible for their animals, and become leaders in our community.”  With our rural location in Oklahoma and the vast numbers of farm and ranch operations in the area, it only makes sense that our students have the opportunity to learn how to carry on the agricultural tradition. As a former 4-Her, I can attest to the skill building that comes from being a part of a program like 4-H and FFA. To put in the hours, wake up early for feedings, practice with the animal, and get comfortable enough to show in front of a crowd full of people takes commitment, responsibility, hard work and a lot of support – and the Ag Booster Club is there every step of the way to help the students accomplish their goals.

The Club raises money at events like the annual BBQ and Silent Auction the last Saturday in July, that goes to fund things like the premium sale in the spring, helps pay for FFA and 4-H jackets, and is available to help purchase animals that a student would otherwise not be able to afford and show. The funds also help qualified students attend an annual leadership conference in Washington D.C. Vandevier mentioned, “Every year students come back from this conference and are amazed and inspired by what their skills have allowed them to be a part of.”

If you would like to learn more about the organization or volunteer to be a part, call Mike at 580-371-3494. Keep an eye on the Chamber online calendar for information on the BBQ fundraiser event in July!

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A couple of things to note – we will have a Chamber Membership Meeting on Tuesday, June 12th at noon at the MSC Aggie Dining Room and will have Jessica Daniels from Oklahoma Tourism as a guest speaker. Lunch will be available through the cafeteria at $6.30 per person and it is great food! Our next quarterly Legislative Luncheon will be held on Monday, June 18th from noon to one, same location. Speaker Charles McCall and Senator Frank Simpson will be present to give a legislative update, and I’m sure representatives from the offices of our other legislators will also be available. I also wanted to mention that our online calendar was experiencing technical issues, but we have it going again and are working to get it back up to date. The tab is now located under ‘News & Events’. Remember, members can submit events to be listed on the calendar and in our newsletter as a benefit of membership – take advantage!

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

-Jordyn Frazier