Air Evac Lifeteam covers 15-state service area – Published in the March 5-11 edition of the Johnston County Sentinel

This week’s Member Spotlight is on AirMedCare Network. Air Evac Lifeteam was established in 1985 by a group of citizens in West Plains, Missouri. The goal was to provide air medical transportation and ensure access to emergency health care for their remote community. Although air ambulances were primarily based in metropolitan areas at the time, the company founders believed that the people who needed air medical transport the most were those living in rural areas, often far away from a hospital.

Today, Air Evac Lifeteam is part of AirMedCare Network, an industry-leading medical transportation company with both air and ground resources. Air Evac Lifeteam operates more than 140 helicopter air ambulance bases across 15 states. Flight crews, consisting of a pilot, flight nurse and flight paramedic, are on duty seven days a week to respond to the scene of an emergency, or provide transportation between medical facilities.

Emergency air medical transportation is a service available to all, whether they are members or not. They also offer membership at monthly, annual and multi-year rates, which are discounted for members of the Johnston County Chamber of Commerce. Membership provides financial protection from out-of-pocket costs, if flown by an AirMedCare Network provider – which includes AirEvac Lifeteam as well as REACH Air Medical, Med-Trans Corp, and Guardian Flight.

AirMedCare Network continues to grow. In 2018, they had 260 bases in 32 states. Today, they have over 320 bases across 38 states. The newest base is in Seminole, OK. AirMedCare continuously works to create awareness about their membership programs that help protect family finances. They also train rural EMS and fire departments, provide medical training as well as Landing Zone (LZ) classes. The LZ classes teach local agencies how to secure a safe place for helicopters to land at a “scene” and also how to help load patients onto the aircraft. When possible, CPR trainings are provided to local communities. The two main aircraft that service Johnston County are out of Ada and Ardmore. They are two of the busiest bases in the country.

For more information about AirMedCare Network, including their services and membership opportunities, visit or call Larry Fitzpatrick at 580-399-1557.

-Jordyn Frazier, Executive Director, JCCC