Lots of fun activities at the county fair – Published in the Aug 31 – Sept 6 edition of the Capital-Democrat

One of the great things about a new school year is football season! Good luck in the game against Madill, Tishomingo Indians! Also, don’t forget that there are some little ones playing the game on Saturday mornings – the Tishomingo Little Indians next football game is September 2nd at home versus Davis. Their schedule is on the Chamber website calendar. They would love to have a crowd of fans cheering them on!
I do love fair season! It reminds me of late night entry-making. I would make loaves of homemade bread, create portfolios over Oklahoma wildlife, find the sewing projects I had worked on for the year, and round up my favorite chicken. Fairest of the Fair was fun too, just a little more nerve-racking. This year’s ‘Fair To Remember’ features Kid’s Day on Thursday which includes a health fair, petting zoo, the tractor driving contest, the plant ID contest, terrapin races, and the Fairest of the Fair event. Friday, vendor booths will be open, there will be a domino tournament, salsa-making and canning demonstrations, and extraordinary dessert contests as well as karaoke! Saturday’s events include the livestock show, games, a dog talent show/costume contest and a corn hole tournament. Fun for all ages!
Ole Red is expected to open to the public on September 7th! The Chamber is excited for the boost your business will receive. Our working together is becoming more crucial than ever as we jump into an increased tourist season and usher in the holidays. George Bernard Shaw, Dublin playwright, said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Please share with us!
As people come in to visit your place of business, remember to emphasize strong customer service. Huffington Post reported that, “U.S. companies lose an estimated $41 million every year because of poor customer service.” ProvideSupport.com says, “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feels they are being treated.” Don’t forget to engage the five senses – do you have something they can taste? Can they touch the product? What does your store smell like? What will they see and hear when they walk in the door? Also, think of products as souvenirs and focus on selling the experience. Make them remember the ice cream cone they got from Dairy Queen because the lady at the front counter was so kind and helpful. When you see a group of people trying to squeeze into a selfie in front of Ole Red’s, offer to take the picture for them. Stop and let people cross the road when traffic is crazy. That is what people will remember about Tishomingo.
New and renewed members for the week: Mental Health Services of Southern Oklahoma, Walker Blue River Rental, Quick Mart, East Side Quick Mart, Russell Mill Work & Truss, The Stables at Washita Farms.

“I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay.” The Hobbit