Mannsville Ag a leading feed producer in Oklahoma, Texas – Published in the Nov. 21-27 edition of the JC Sentinel

This week’s Member Spotlight is on Mannsville Ag Center (MAC)! Mannsville Ag was established in 2002 by Aaron Custer and is a leading producer of efficacy-based livestock feeds in Oklahoma and Texas. With over 30 years of experience in developing feed, Custer strives to provide the highest quality products for the life of your livestock by using only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers, while operating as an ionophore free feed manufacturer.

MAC is the manufacturer of Pro Bull Nutrition, Precision Calf, KoolSpeed and Collection Performance Ration. They supply feed to the beef and horse industry, and specialty feed to the bucking bull, roping calves, and performance horse industry.

This company has 45 feed dealers in three states, providing the above-mentioned locally made products as well as Pro Mare Supplement, Sweet Oats & Fat, 13% and 14% Calf Creep, Pro Cow Supplements for summer and winter, and others.

MAC also offers farm and agriculture products in-store including Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care, TwoBulls Pro Sports Rub, chicken starter and feeders, heat lamps, dog and cat de-wormer, sprayers and pesticides for bugs and weeds, Victor Dog Food, ear tags, work gloves, and more. They also carry Muck Boots, Moore Maker pocketknives and Montana Silversmith jewelry, toys and outerwear. You can shop Mannsville Ag for Christmas gifts!

Mannsville Ag supports local 4-H and FFA events, rodeo-type sporting events, and is a proud member of the Johnston County Chamber. You can learn more about this company by visiting, their Facebook and Instagram pages, or by calling 580-371-9588. They’re located at 450 W. Broadway in Mannsville – right on the highway between Madill and Dickson.

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-Jordyn Frazier, Executive Director, JCCC