Put The Chamber To Work For You

“The Chamber of Commerce should be a hub of communication for your area. You are the first location that visitors and possible new business owners will go to when trying to find things out about Johnston County. You must be ready for their questions.”
Janet Reed, executive director of the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce stressed this, among a great deal of other things that I and the Chamber are responsible for, in a meeting last week. What a wealth of knowledge she has. She’s right though. I have already had a number of visits and phone calls relating to relocation packets and area schools; what is coming for Johnston County and what is already here; for your business information. That is why a membership to the Chamber is so paramount as an investment in your enterprise or civic organization. The New York Time reports that “65% of all new business comes from referrals”. Projections have estimated that after the opening of ‘Ole Red’, the number of out-of-town visitors could reach 4,000-6,000 per week. They will definitely have a need for referrals after visiting the county music star’s locale. Visitors will be asking for suggestions on great places to shop, eat, tour, and be entertained and that is why we need to work together now. We all need to be on the same page, with a common goal and oh, how I want to send them your way!
In last Thursday evenings’ Chamber meeting, Janet spoke to the Board about the great importance of their involvement in the County and the active roles they must play. The Chamber board is made up of a number of community business owners and city leadership. They have expertise in several areas and are a resource for you and I. Between the former and new city managers, a number of serial entrepreneurs, the owner of a newspaper and representatives from Murray State College and the Chickasaw Nation, surely we can get your question answered and you moving in the right direction. They have hearts to serve, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the positions they are and I promise, they would like nothing better than to help you.
Switching topics now, some of you may have seen on a Facebook post last week that we are now sending out a ‘newsletter’ of sorts on Monday mornings via email. The ‘Memo For Your Monday’ contains information provided by Chamber members and myself that lists upcoming events, seminars, specials, and anything happening at the Chamber that is worth mentioning. Submissions for this are due by Thursdays at 3PM and can be sent to johnstoncountychamber@gmail.com. To sign up to receive this informational memo, visit johnstoncountyokchamber.com and subscribe to the newsletter.
Don’t forget to go ‘Like’ the Real Johnston County Chamber of Commerce Facebook and Instagram pages and let me know what’s going on in your business or organization. Again, let’s do this together! – Jordyn Naugle

“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.” – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button