Ravia-based Sooner Trading has locations in other states – Published in the Nov. 14-20 edition of the Johnston County Sentinel

This week’s Member Spotlight is on Sooner Trading! This business was established in 1984 by Jeff and Jamie Earles, and Brian Stewart has worked for Sooner Trading for 19 years and is the Chief Operations Officer. Sooner Trading is a commercial feed ingredient supplier for feed yards and feed mills. They have four locations including Channing, TX; San Antonio, TX; and Joplin, MO with headquarters in Ravia, OK.

They sell and truck into seven states that including Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, and Arkansas. When Sooner Trading first started in Ravia, they had two tanks and one tractor/trailer and grew from there. They first expanded out to the beef capital of the world in West Texas, establishing the Channing location. In 1999, to grow further in South Texas, they established the San Antonio plant. Then in 2005, they established the Joplin, MO plant.

They specialize with ingredient feed fats, which is derived from vegetable, palm, esters, and canola oils. It is based and marketed on the fats FFA (free fatty acids). It is mixed or blended with other ingredients to help with digestibility and stabilizes the feed. It also acts as a lubricant to help mix and stir dry feeds in mixer trucks and equipment.

Jeff and Jamie have a strong connection and love for agriculture and also breed Red Angus commercial cattle.  With this they support our local FFA chapters and contribute to the community every year.

Learn more about Sooner Trading by calling 580-371-9413.

Read next week for a spotlight on Mannsville Ag Center!

-Jordyn Frazier, Executive Director, JCCC