Silver+ Saturday – MSC’s Dr. Elmer leads eSports program; Chickasaw Nation Clothing Grant application open through December 31st

Dr. Aaron Elmer will lead eSports program at Murray StateDr. Aaron Elmer will lead eSports program at Murray State

Tishomingo, Okla. (December 10, 2019) – Murray State College has selected Dr. Aaron Elmer to lead its eSports program and serve as the eSports coordinator.  Murray State is anticipating that the new eSports stadium will be completed by the fall of 2020.

Online gaming is no longer just a hobby, it is a multibillion dollar industry with an online audience approaching 200 million viewers and nearly 150 million participants worldwide. The eSports industry offers opportunities for professional gamers as well as a large number of career paths that support the eSports industry.  Top eSports players are recognized for their strategic thinking, mental agility, intellectual curiosity, creativity, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

“We have realized how monumental the wave of eSports has become and want to prepare students and give them the opportunity to compete and be employed in this emerging arena.  Dr. Elmer is equally passionate about gaming and education; his skills will benefit students in a multitude of ways,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.

Elmer, who also serves Murray State as Executive Director for Financial Aid and Grant Development, had his first gaming experiences on Atari and PC-based games.  After decades of experience across multiple gaming platforms, he plans to use his experience to help design an impressive eSports stadium and use his educational experience to help guide students down the various career pathways in the eSports industry.

“To support professional gamers, there is an entire industry which requires personnel with skills in technology, marketing, computer programing, and manufacturing.  This growing need has created an opportunity for Murray State to interact at many levels within this emerging industry,” said Elmer.

Although there are plans in place for developing this new program, Elmer is requesting input from current college students as well as high school students to help determine most beneficial opportunities for students. The Murray State eSports program may include casual gaming events as part of an eSports Club, scrimmages or tournaments for local high school eSports teams, and collegiate competitions in up to 14 different eSports.

If you are interested in eSports at Murray State College, please visit  to express your interest in the eSports Club or eSports competitive teams.  For additional information, contact Dr. Aaron Elmer at 580-387-7221 or

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