Touring Main; welcoming guests – Published in the Sep. 28- Oct. 4 edition of the C-D

I hope you are all ready for a fun-filled weekend! I know that I will be enjoying the great food, picking up Ole Red merchandise, and soaking in some familiar country tunes.
Saturday, my fiancé and I decided to break away from homework long enough to visit Main Street for the afternoon. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see people walking the sidewalks, stopping into each store; motorcyclists taking a break by the pocket park; additional artwork going on to Stepp West’s building; and the sun gloriously shining. Houser Furniture was our first stop. We are in the market for a large(r) dining table, as we plan to host Thanksgiving this year as newlyweds. Linda was so helpful and answered every question. Their fall sale is this week and the deals are amazing!
Next was Smart Finds. What a treat! Michaelle Gray has some of the most unique items and is always bringing out new things from a lifetime’s collection of furniture, jewelry, and other fun items.
We could not be on Main Street without going into Baker’s Mercantile and having some of the yummiest ice cream around! It was incredible to witness the shoppers oohing and ahhing over neat things in Mrs. Baker’s store. Nick and I stood behind a young couple at the register, waiting to pay for the cold snack that we had already started in on, as they picked up a business card for Cedar & Stone B&B. I was able to encourage them to stay and I would also encourage others in the community to always have a positive attitude toward our businesses. Word-of-mouth has been shown to improve marketing effectiveness by up to 54%. I would also say that having a business card in stores that allow them to be displayed is a great marketing tool. Especially if you are involved in retail or are affected by tourism. Vistaprint is always running specials on the cost of business cards.
Our last stop before heading to Sooners to buy dinner was Ole Red’s. Nick hadn’t been in yet and was curious about what all the hubbub was about. If you haven’t spent time visiting with the staff, you should. Their excitement is contagious! One employee, new to Tishomingo and Oklahoma, is retail supervisor, Rae. A sweet and sassy, southern Louisiana gal, is loving the vibes and warm hospitality of southern Oklahoma. While she misses her nephew and authentic Cajun cooking from home, she says a fresh start is just what she needed. Please help me in making Rae feel right at home here in Tishomingo!
New and renewed members this week are: Mark & Leslie Trainor, Sen. Frank Simpson, Simply Safe Compliance of Tishomingo and Wildhorse Cabin. We at the Chamber are incredibly proud that our political leaders are investing in the businesses and organizations that they represent in OKC. So, thank you to Senator Simpson and Speaker McCall for your membership!
“Because when I shop, the world gets better.” – Confessions of a Shopaholic