Tribute to Greasy Bend Bridge – Written by Ronnie Colbert in 2015

The Greasy Bend Bridge

I don’t know hardly just where to begin
This tribute to the American working man.

You see across the Washita River at Greasy Bend
There stands a bridge built by the American working man.

And I tell you true between you and me
She stood proud and tall since ’53.

There has been a lot of water run under this old bridge
But I had never before seen it run from ridge to ridge.

On the last day of Spring of 2015
There was a sight that have never before been seen.

As that old muddy water stretched from ridge to ridge
She ran two feet deep across the Greasy Bend Bridge.

When the trees hit that old girl she’d creak, strain and groan
Some said “I wouldn’t give a nickel for her boys for I believe she’s gone”.

I prayed to God if it be your will when the morning comes may she stand there still.

And I’m proud to say she still stands
Thanks be to God and the American working man.

She has some dents and dings and a few holes in her floor
But I believe the old girl can stand a whole lot more.

My daddy died in ’92
And most of the men who helped him build her are now gone too.

Nowadays we buy things made in China and Japan
I want to say a heartfelt thanks to the American working man.

And as that old muddy water stretched from ridge to ridge
I’m mighty proud that she’s still standing that old Greasy Bend Bridge.

This tribute to the Greasy Bend Bridge was written by Ronnie Colbert in 2015. Thank you, Justin Hartwell, for bringing this by and asking us to share it with the proud citizens of Johnston County.